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  • VetCoach – a valuable gift
  • VetCoach – Un regalo valioso
  • VetCoach - A gift from this generation to the next one
  • VetCoach - To inspire and motivate young vet  professionals
  • Reflexiones sobre la experiencia de profesionales veterinarios
  • One VetCoach book for each graduating vet student
  • One VetCoach book for each graduating vet
  • Refexiones de más de 150 veterinarios de más de 30 paises
  • VetCoach – Over 3000 years of profession experience
  • VetCoach – Más de 3000 años de experiencia

TheVetCoachbook project is about a collection of “career reflections” of veterinary professionals around the world who have donated their time to share their professional insights with graduating students, as a gift “from the current generation to the next one”.

TheVetCoachvision is to make books available with the help of sponsors and organizations to each graduating veterinary student and or new graduate veterinarian.

VetCoach books for sale:
Today not all students can yet be reached with a sponsoredVetCoach book. Some students cannot wait to have a book and ordered their personal copy. Parents and family buy books as a graduation gift. Also veterinarians like the book and have requested for the opportunity to buyVetCoachbooks. Orders started coming in for (among others) one book (as a gift to a colleague at the 25 years diploma celebration), for 5 books as a gift for friends and colleagues at Christmas and as much as 12 books (for all young colleagues in my clinic who should read this”).
Whatever the reason is (may be you just want a copy yourself?), you are now able toorder one or more copies of the VetCoach book by using our "Contact" page.
The price for veterinarians is around  €uro 20 (U$Ds 25) and depending the edition ordered, plus costs of shipment. Students benefit from a 20% discount, excl. shipment. The costs of an e-book copy is USD 2.99 for US based buyers and USD 4.99 for non US buyers.
The costs of shipment of hard copies can be reduced by ordering more books in one order.  Payment will be arranged via the PayPal system and using your credit card.

VetCoachis a non profit project. The income from the sales ofVetCoachbooks will support the free distribution of books to graduating students.

Companies and organizationsmay contactVetCoachto discuss the opportunity to order large numbers of books, or produce a new tailored edition. An international student survey in 10 countries showed that 87% of the students cannot think of a better gift at graduation.VetCoachwill be happy to optimize the offer to meet the needs of the interested parties.Please contact VetCoach here.

Thank you for your interest and support to VetCoach Richard C. Nap, DVM, Ph.D, Dipl. ECVS and Dipl. ECVCN

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