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  • VetCoach – a valuable gift
  • VetCoach – Un regalo valioso
  • VetCoach - A gift from this generation to the next one
  • VetCoach - To inspire and motivate young vet  professionals
  • Reflexiones sobre la experiencia de profesionales veterinarios
  • One VetCoach book for each graduating vet student
  • One VetCoach book for each graduating vet
  • Refexiones de más de 150 veterinarios de más de 30 paises
  • VetCoach – Over 3000 years of profession experience
  • VetCoach – Más de 3000 años de experiencia
Dr. Richard C. Nap
DVM, Ph.D, Dipl. ECVS and Dipl. ECVCN
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You are invited to share your suggestions, comments and questions about the VetCoach project. Don’t hesitate to share your experience and or ideas that can help to support VetCoach to share career reflections and reach the vision to have each veterinary student at graduation receive a VetCoach book as a gift.

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