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  • VetCoach – a valuable gift
  • VetCoach – Un regalo valioso
  • VetCoach - A gift from this generation to the next one
  • VetCoach - To inspire and motivate young vet  professionals
  • Reflexiones sobre la experiencia de profesionales veterinarios
  • One VetCoach book for each graduating vet student
  • One VetCoach book for each graduating vet
  • Refexiones de más de 150 veterinarios de más de 30 paises
  • VetCoach – Over 3000 years of profession experience
  • VetCoach – Más de 3000 años de experiencia


VetCoach - A valuable gift

VetCoachbookis a non-for-profit project that collects “career reflections” of veterinary professionals around the world. The contributing colleagues donate their time to share their professional insights with graduating students, as a gift “from the current generation to the next one”. They all answered the question: “what would you have liked to know when you graduated, that might benefit students graduating today”? In the first year the project has exceeded all expectations.
The purpose of the VetCoach books is to support young veterinary professionals entering the profession. Based on 2,524 years of experience the first EnglishVetCoachedition of the book published in April 2009, presents the results of some serious thinking by 91 veterinarians (16 female and 75 male) from 25 countries, in all kinds of full and part-time positions. The first Spanish edition (2009) was based on over 2,750 years and by November 2010 the VetCoach project VetCoach was based on over 3,500 years of professional experience. In April 2010 the Latin American and asecond European editionin English became available. The book features 108 authors from 29 countries. In December 2010the North American editionhas been added, after which an e-book was made available and in January 2016 the edition for Australasia (Australia New Zealand became available. Among the authors you will find clinicians (in small and large clinics or hospitals), researchers, university professors, as well as colleagues working in industry in a wide variety of different roles ranging from the lower management levels to the very top executives.
The vision of theVetCoachproject is to motivate and inspire veterinary students and new gradiates around the world by making a book available to each of them around the time of graduation. TheVetCoachproject will be successful when a young colleague makes a career decision that she or he would not have considered without being touched by one or more of the stories in aVetCoachbook.
In this website you can find the lists of authors for several of the books by clicking the cover image in the right hand column. You can readhow to order booksand support the project and you can find photos of hundreds of contributing veterinarians andsome examplesof VetCoach contributions from the various editions
For questions about the VetCoach project, pleasecontact VetCoach.
VetCoach editions have received supportive endorsement statements by presidents of the World Veterinary Association (WVA), the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA), the Federation of European Small Animal Veterinary Associations (FECAVA), national veterinary associations in various countries and deans of leading veterinary Universities and Faculties in different parts of the world.
The VetCoach mission and vision cannot be reached without the support by sponsoring companies, organizations and individuals: Hill's Pet Nutrition, Procter & Gamble - Eukanuba, VCA Animal Hospitals, ProVet Henry Schein Australia, Merial Australia, Merial Canada, Laroy-Duvo Belgium, The Royal Dutch Veterinary Association (KNMvD), Welzo - Over Dieren - 't Hart Communications.

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